I M(Is)s You – New CMV by TheMaster_Rahl, Eishi, and ShadowCarnage!

by Pete

Check out this new CMV by TheMaster_Rahl, Eishi, and ShadowCarnage. It features interesting and seriously impressive combo making, one of the F-Ciel combos alone require something like 6 consecutive frame perfect links! Be sure to check out his channel for other CMVs and useful character guides too.

In case the video does not show up for you:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4j3_T6iykQ

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Beginner’s Workshop!

by Master Chibi

Need a bit of helping understanding how UNIEL operates? Do those meters and squares on the bottom confuse you? Hit up this video courtesy of sourenga on dailymotion for a great place to start!

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late – New Character Gameplay Video!

by Master Chibi

We’re pretty close to the release date for Under Night, so to satiate our hunger here’s a video that shows off a little bit of the two new characters exclusive to the console version, Nanase and Byakuya. Nanase is the pig tailed, large sword wielding girl who seems to command control over the wind, while Byakuya is the purple haired lad with the six spider like metal ‘legs’ protruding from his back. Check out the video below!

Transcendental Orchestra (TO) Happening May 5th @ Big One 2nd

by Pete

MBAACC TO banner

TO Over. You can check out the restream VODs over at www.twitch.tv/mrrayza

Starting Mon 2AM EST / Sun 11PM PST — Confirmed Nico Stream for TO Quals on Final Day: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv178054383

Starting Mon 6AM EST / Mon 3AM PST — Confirmed Nico Stream for TO Finals: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv178055416

The news of UNIEL’s release date is exciting no doubt but there’s also a 3 on 3 tournament going on in about a week’s time. The tournament has had a long qualifying phase stretching over multiple arcades including ATHENA Niponbashi, a-cho, Mikado, and of course Big One 2nd. The tournament is to be held on May 5th with prelims starting at 3PM JST (May 4th 2AM EST, 11PM PST) and the finals starting at 7:00PM JST (6AM EST, 3PM PST). The best part? It will all be streamed! Big One 2nd traditionally streams all of their arcade content and this event is no different. The event is confirmed to be streamed on Niconico, there will likely be a restream of the event for those who cannot watch the event. If anything changes this post will be updated accordingly.

Who has qualified for TO (15/16)?

  1. Shishido (Seifuku). Uru (Nanaya), Kame (Mech)
  2. Ino (Akiha), Chen (Aoko), Tsa (Satsuki)
  3. Kouki (Arc), Akaren (VAkiha), Hirohiro (WLen)
  4. R-Ly (Hisui), Meinia (Len), Motomachi (Mech)
  5. Seto (WLen), Ken (Ciel), DSK24 (Arc)
  6. Hare (Satsuki), Batsister (Akiha), Garu (Kohaku)
  7. Morinaagi (Aoko), Dorango (Wara), KKT (Akiha) — Possibly Dorasuke (Wara) and Kakate (Akiha)
  8. Akaboshi (Satsuki), Rakuchan (Len), Yuu (Sion)
  9. Saba (Ciel), Aware (Hisui), Ari (Kouma)
  10. Ragu (Wara), Yomi (Sion), Kou (Seifuku)
  11. Toriniku (Ries), Waka (Hisui), Masa (Warc)
  12. JAYYYYYYY ANSON (Roa), Namiyan (Ryougi), Tomo (Tohno)
  13. Hikonyan (Roa), Kuga (VAKiha), AOI (Hime)
  14. Domun (Ciel), Yoshino (Kouma), Taa (Len)
  15. Utamaru (Ciel), Okuu (Arc), Kiriya (Sion)

Interestingly Yoshino and Kuga, two players the scene hasn’t seen in a while have popped up again to play in TO. Two more teams of 3 will qualify on the day of the tournament bringing the team list to 16. Once the last two teams have qualified the single elimination tournament will begin.

For more information on TO: http://keriugatu1155.wix.com/mbaacc

Character breakdown of TO: http://pastebin.com/V1mrGgrV

Official Big One 2nd site: http://big1.mods.jp/

Official Big One 2nd stream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/%E5%8D%97%E8%B6%8A%E8%B0%B7%E3%83%93%E3%83%83%E3%82%B0-%E3%81%8B%E3%82%89%E4%B8%AD%E7%B6%99

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Coming To the PS3 on July 24th!

by Dipstick



In the latest issue of Famitsu, the PS3 release of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (UNIEL) was officially announced and detailed. A joint effort by French Bread and Arc System Works, the PS3 release of UNIEL will feature two additional characters: Nanase and one other unannounced character. The game is scheduled to come out on July 24th (on both Blu-ray and on PSN) and the port is currently about 70% complete. (Famitsu story originally discovered by Gematsu).

When in doubt, add more schoolgirls with giant swords. Nanase
Voice: Iizuka Mayu

Height: 159 cm
Weight: 44 kg (Bust:75/Waist:54/Hip:80)
Birthday: February 15th
Bloodtype: O

Ability: EXS of Spinning Tangles “Windmill” (旋纏のEXS ウインドミル)

Weapon: Zephyr (ゼファー)

Mysterious pretty girl who persistently targets Hyde. She keeps telling “If you’re a man, then take responsibility”, but the circumstances and details are not known. After hearing rumors about Hyde, she dashes towards the Abyss of the “Hollow Night” without knowing of its dangers or the way back.

(Character bio oiginally translated by Sourenga from Dustloop)


M.B.S.E Updates – Amber (F-Nero), Takashi (C-Wara), and Waka (CF-Hisui) Qualify

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Hello! Sorry I’ve been a little busy with other things so I’ve missed posting about MBSE.

Anyways since the last post about Hirohiro qualifiying, there have been 3 more qualifiers. Here are the results:

  • Oct. 19th at GAME Fuji Ichikawa – 1st Amber (F-Nero)  / 2nd lou (H-Aoko) — VOD
  • Oct. 20th at Yokohama Freedom – 1st Takashi (C-Warachia) / 2nd Surume (F-Nanaya) — VOD Part One Part Two
  • Oct. 26th at Big One 2nd – 1st Waka (CF-Hisui) / 2nd Kame (C-Mech) — VOD (only semis and final)

We are seeing some real diversification among the people that are qualifying, it should make for an interesting tournament, here’s how we are standing now:

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)
  • Hirohiro (F-Aoko)
  • Amber (F-Nero)
  • Takashi (C-Wara)
  • Waka (CF-Hisui)

The next qualifier will be on November 2nd at Hachioji UFO.

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.


Mizuki Presents Melty Breadcast Episode 17 – History of the Community and Personal Experiences

by Pete

lenbreadcastOn October 13th at 4PM PST (7PM EST), long time community member Mizuki will be hosting another edition of Breadcast. This episode is set to focus on his personal experiences with the game and community with some focus on what the community has done right and wrong in the past. Mizuki will also be taking call ins after the main section of the show.

There is some warning about lack of fluff and “sugar coating” but I am sure it is not something to fear.

Make sure to join in the show! Call in if you’ve got a question you want answered. It’s a good time to catch one of these live since Breadcast is pretty rare nowadays.

I’m going to try my best to call in as well, I encourage you to tune in!

Mimige? aka Hirohiro (F-Aoko) Qualifies for M.B.S.E!

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Confused? I was when I found out that the top player on the win ratings on MeltyDB was actually 3 different players:

  • The Mimige? F-Aoko in Mikado is Hirohiro
  • The Mimige? H-Kohamech in Mikado and/or Tsudanuma is Eu
  • The Mimige? F-Aoko in Tsudanuma is the real Mimige

All-in-all Hirohiro has managed to qualify himself for Melty Blood South East. In second came Amber, the consistent F-Nero player that always manages to make it into the top8/top4 of qualifiers but never qualifies. I hope he makes it in because everyone knows it’s not a real tournament without at least one Nero.

Here’s the current roster for M.B.S.E (8/16):

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)
  • Hirohiro as Mimige? (F-Aoko)

The next qualifier will be on October 11th at GAME Fuji Ichikawa. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of the two other Mimiges qualify?

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.

Kouki (C-Arcueid) Qualifies for M.B.S.E!

by Pete
Melty Blood South East

Not the actual logo

Today, Kouki qualified at the Hachioji UFO qualifier over Uru (CHF-Nanaya) for Melty Blood South East. This qualification strikes as a momentous occassion for all of the C-Arcueid players out there (all 1-3 of you), and reminds us that no matter how bleak things seem for your character, there is sometimes a way.

I’m writing nonsense, here’s the currently roster for M.B.S.E (7/16):

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)

The next qualifier will be on October 11th at Takadanobaba Mikado, given the way things are going maybe we’ll even see a H-Mech qualifying?

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.

a-cho MBAACC Tournaments On Indefinite Hiatus

by Pete


August 29th marked the last known a-cho tournament as 33 participants gathered to battle one last time. It was a fierce fight that involved both a-cho and ATHENA Niponbashi regulars. In the end Kou (C-Seifuku) would prove to be  a worth opponent to luckystar (CF-Nero) but not strong enough to dethrone the a-cho champion. The CF-Nero player has won an astounding 30 of the MB a-cho tournaments, going back to late 2008.

Speculation among the Japanese community states that the reason a-cho MB tournaments have ended is due to the lack of play seen at the arcade outside of the tournament. Machines would sit idle for most of the days between the tournament, meaning that approximately once every two weeks they were being used. It is quite a shame.

It is unknown whether a-cho regulars will seek a new place to gather or if they will simply stop playing. Personally, a-cho tournaments have shown some of the most crisp and polished play in the MBAACC scene. Biweekly, I would wait for the new videos to see what kind of shenanigans that “shield fiend” luckystar would show, or whether the strong but unstable Mudaniku would finally find a way to break his 2nd/3rd place curse, or if Beta would finally kick his slump and show the world how scary his C-Kohaku can be. We can only hope that the folks at a-cho find some way to keep the games coming. If they can’t, then all we can say is it has been a great run and thank you for the good times.

a-cho Site | 122nd MB a-cho tournament results | VOD of the 122nd MB a-cho tournament