10% off Coupon for Melty Blood: Actress Again!!!!

by Arlieth Tralare

Hey everyone, I’ve managed to arrange a special deal for you guys:

Visit Play-Asia.com and input the following coupon code for Melty Blood: Actress Again (This offer is good for Pre-Orders ONLY and expire on release date)!

MELTYREV : 6$ off on the regular edition of the game.
MELTYFPL : 8$ off on the first print limited edition of the game.

Please note: Use the links IN THIS POST to go to Play Asia. Do not use the normal Affiliate link located on the sidebar of this page or the banner in the forums. Also note: I receive no commission from coupon sales. I typically make about $4 per copy of Melty Blood sold, so if you still want to support Melty Bread, you can get the Limited Edition, save $8, then PayPal donate $1-4 to me. Don’t feel obligated to do so, however, especially if the shipping costs to you are high and you need to save every dollar you can.

Once you’ve received your order, please go to http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Play_Asia and leave feedback!

Link: Play-Asia.com (NON-Affiliate)
Link: Melty Bread Forums (Discussion Thread)