SAT(F-Nero) vs. Kaimaato(F-Kouma)

by Psylocke

Yay, the embedding works.  Anyway, this is the first in hopefully a series of several posts that will showcase the characters in MBAA and good players for these characters.

We’ll start with Nero and Kouma.  The players in this set of videos are SAT and かいまーと(Kaimaato), using the Fullmoon style for their characters, although SAT switches up to Halfmoon style in the last video.  The videos are the 5 videos on the bottom of the Nicovideo mylist that is linked.  If you don’t have a Nicovideo account, the videos are also mirrored on Youtube in the playlist embedded below the Nicovideo list.  There are 9 videos total in the Youtube playlist.


For some background information, SAT was one of the best Nero players in MBAC, and is still a top Nero player in AA.  Kaimaato was undisputedly the best Kouma in MBAC, and is probably still the best Kouma in AA.  He’s particularly well known for being able to make ridiculous reads and is just amazing at drawing counterhits.