Hagi(H-Kohaku) vs. Leo(C-Warc)

by Psylocke

The character showcase continues with Kohaku again, but this time being played in her Halfmoon style, and Red Arcueid(Warc) being played in her Crescent style. The Kohaku player is はぎ(Hagi), who was a top Satsuki player in MBAC but was kind of on the fence between H-Akiha and C/H-Kohaku in MBAA initially. It seems he’s settled with H-Kohaku, and he’s one of the best players of that character now, in videos at least. The Warc player is レオ(Leo), who was far and above the best Warc player in MBAC, and easily the best C-Warc player in MBAA. As usual, a nicovideo link of the original video and a Youtube playlist are provided.

Main things to note are H-Kohaku’s damage potential, especially from command throws, and her ridiculous EX Golfswing, which is one of the best reversal supers in the game. Leo also has an incredible sense of spacing with Warc, and a very creative and unique playstyle as well.