Satoken(H-VAkiha) vs. Nakau(C-Kohaku)

by Psylocke

The 2nd post in the MBAA character showcase features Akiha Vermillion in her Halfmoon style, and Kohaku in her Crescent moon style. The VAkiha player is Satoken, who most people know as an old school MBAC VAkiha player, getting 2nd place with kubo in Tougeki 2006 MBAC(this was back when it was still Version A). Nakau was basically the best solo Kohaku player in MBAC, and is probably the best C-Kohaku in MBAA. Provided are the nicovideo links of the original videos, and a Youtube playlist with them.

Nakau gets off to a rough start, dropping most of his combos but eventually he gets them down and it’s smooth sailing from there. C-Kohaku is notable in how much of an improvement she is over MBAC Kohaku. MBAC Kohaku was known for having very strong mixup with the assistance of plants, but her damage output was among the lowest in the game. C-Kohaku gets huge damage with the new sword loop she has, and still gets to run the strong plant mixup.