PS2 MBAA out

by Psylocke

It’s about a week late to post this, but the PS2 version of Melty Blood Actress Again is out.  If you haven’t already gotten it, make sure to get it: the Play-Asia link a few posts down should still work.  The Limited Edition version of the game comes with the soundtrack, which is 2 discs and contains a total of 69 tracks.

New features in the PS2 version of MBAA are a new console original balance mode, fully voiced cutscenes and winquotes, and 5 new characters in the form of Shiki Ryougi, Seifuku Akiha, Kohaku&Mech, Mech&Neco, and Archetype Earth, a boss version of Arcueid.  There’s also a new moon phase called Eclipse Moon, which is purely a style meant for boss versions of characters.  Finally, there’s a very hilarious Boss Rush mode which is highly recommended for everyone to try out at least once.

To unlock the new characters:
Seifuku Akiha – Beat arcade mode with both Akiha and VAkiha
Mech&Neco – Beat arcade mode with Miyako
Neco Arc Chaos – Beat arcade mode with White Len and Hisui
Kohaku&Mech – Beat arcade mode with Neco Arc on a specific path where Koha&Mech is the first opponent.  If they’re not 1st, then restart and try again
Archetype Earth – Not really too sure, but pretty sure Boss Rush needs to be beaten without losing a round

Boss rush mode is unlocked by beating arcade mode with all of the characters.  In addition, it’s possible to just time unlock everything

If this sounds like too much trouble(and it should), then there’s a full savefile available here.

Finally, the next char to be featured in the MBAA character showcase is Miyako.  The player is かんな(Kanna), who was a top Miyako player in MBAC and is continuing to use her in MBAA mainly using her Crescent and Fullmoon styles.  The Youtube playlist contains videos of Kanna against various players at Joybox arcade.  A little background about Joybox, it is an arcade located in Tokyo, and many people in the West know Joybox for its Youtube account Geesendou, which posts tons of match videos for lots of games.  Basically, they record pretty much everything, so in the videos they put up on their Youtube account the level of play tends to vary wildly, since they’re not recording tournaments and just about anyone could go on the cab that’s getting recorded.  However, occasionally some very good players show up and get recorded, which makes for great watching.  Player names are never labeled in their videos, but luckily, through the power of the Japanese MBAA BBS, we know that the good Miyako in this set of videos is Kanna.  There’s about 16 videos in this Youtube playlist. There are also more videos of Kanna available on the Meltybread Youtube account, which can be found very easily using the search function.