BBGXI Results and Upcoming Tournaments

by Psylocke

Battle By The Gazebo XI, the first tourney with MBAA as a main event in the East Coast just finished this past weekend, with 25 entrants. Congrats to jiyuna for taking 1st at the tourney with Nanaya, and Zar(Aoko) and XAQshinor(WLen) for getting 2nd and 3rd respectively. IIRC this marks the first time a White Len has made top8 in a US Melty tourney. If you live in New York, you should try to make it out to these events, as it’s a series. No word on when the next BBG will be, though. Videos were recorded, so those will also be up in due time. Check this thread for full results, discussion, and video posts:!!

As for upcoming tournaments with MBAA, there are two tournaments next weekend on 9/19. There’s a Play N Trade tournament in Smith Town, New York, and WTF 2009 in Paul’s arcade at Racine, Wisconsin.

Seasons Beatings 4 in Columbus, Ohio will be held during October 16-18, but iirc currently MBAA is not on the roster for side events, although there is potential interest in it. If you live in the area, go ahead and post in this thread expressing interest for a possible side tourney.

Northeast Championships X will be held during December 5th-6th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is one of the biggest annual fighting game tournaments in the country, and MBAA will be a main game at this event, so if you can, try to go to this to support MBAA and all the other games in their roster. More information at:

Final Round XIII in Atlanta, Georgia will be held during March 12-14 2010. This is quite a ways from now, but MBAA will be a main game and FR is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the country so make sure to pre-register if you are planning to go. More information at:!-atlanta-ga

In commemoration to jiyuna winning BBGXI, the next character in the MBAA showcase will be Nanaya, all styles. The videos are of a Nanaya only 2on2 tournament, which sounds like a joke at first but the players are actually really good, and many of them are fairly well known.