Community members, live on the Interwebs

by Dipstick

You may have missed it, but some long-time members of the Melty Blood community were on a couple of fighting game community radio shows recently. AlphaISM Radio had a special show when the final Evolution 2010 game was announced, and soon after the announcement Sp00ky, Dipstick, and other Melty Blood players were on the show to discuss the results, the game, common misconceptions, what to expect, and so on. They start appearing on the radio show about an hour into it.

Furthermore, last week on Shoryuken‘s official podcast, Wakeup SRK was about Melty Blood and featured interviews with Sp00ky and bellreisa. The scope is similar, as the show is about what the game is, how the hell it got so many votes, and what people can expect at Evolution this year for Melty Blood.