The Road to Evolution

by Dipstick

It’s nice to have a definitive tournament that you can point people to. If you plan to travel to one Melty Blood tournament this year, this really should be it.

A few helpful links to get you on your way:

Registration is now open for the event; you must pre-register in advance to be eligible to play in the main event. Register by April 30th to receive a early bird discount.

Discount hotel rooms at Caeser’s Palace are available; they tend to come and go pretty quickly. If you are looking for people to room with, our Evolution 2010 discussion thread includes people with rooms looking for roommates.

Some forum posters also have general advice for people who have not been out to Evolution, or any fighting game tournament this large. Protip: Las Vegas’ weather does not mess around in the summer. Playing with heat stroke is never fun.

If you fancy yourself a TOP PLAYER and think you warrant getting seeded in the brackets, you can be like everyone else and earn it. The top two finishers in the Melty Blood: Actress Again tournaments at Midwest Championships and East Coast Throwdown will qualify as seeds for Evolution 2010 (this applies for any Evolution game, actually).

If you are looking for ways to improve your game, our forum has a lot of resources. Some 0f these things include character strategies, recorded matches from top Melty Blood players in Japan and the US, matchmaking forums, and tournament listings. The only things we are missing is a teleporter and some way to have enough money so you can just play Melty Blood eight hours a day.