Road to Evo 2 results and Evo Schedule!

by Master Chibi

First, let’s get the results of Road to Evolution 2 out of the way. Here are your top three players for Melty Blood: Actress Again:

1. Zarthebiscuit
2. Jiyuna
3. Kirah

Full results can be found in the tournament results thread. You can also view the winners final, losers final, and grand final matches from the tournament on Team Spooky’s YouTube channel.

Lastly, has put up their schedule for Evolution 2010, you can peruse the news post for more.

If you’re going just for Melty Blood: Actress Again, all pools and semi-final matches will take place from 5pm until Midnight of Friday, so make sure to stick around during those times!

Do not forget to hurry up and register for Evolution if you have not done so yet; you only have until July 5th to do so!