Weekend Viewing: Road to Evo 2 and American Devastation

by Dipstick

This weekend there are two events going on: Road to Evolution 2 and American Devastation. Road to Evolution 2 is an event in NYC where the big ticket is literally a ticket to Las Vegas and entry into Evolution, with the event hosting Melty Blood: Actress Again (no ticket for the MB:AA winner though — that’s for Super Street Fighter 4). MB:AA is being played on Sunday (with talk of a player-organized team tournament Saturday night). American Devastation is an invite-only event being run by forum moderator bellreisa somewhere in Southern California with casuals and tournaments running all weekend. They are streaming right now as I type this, in fact.

Streaming for Road to Evolution 2 to be handled by Team Sp00ky and streaming for American Devastation to be handled both by mizuumi.net and robo-moe.