Evolution 2010 Results!

by Master Chibi


Melty Blood — Top 8
1. Yoichiro “Garu” Aruga
2. Stephen “Lord Knight” Barthelemy
3. Antonio “Kusanagi” Medrano
4. Byron “HF Blade” Barzabal
5. Brandon “Brandino” Lee
5. Yuji “Yat” Tanaka
7. James Xie
7. Eric “Numakie” Gutierrez

Well, we had our time in the spotlight, but now it’s come and gone. Hopefully all of you enjoyed yourselves this past weekend, thanks go to everyone who were able to attend (especially Garu and Chelsea), and even to the people who woke up early to catch that 10am morning stream of the top 8 on Sunday. If you haven’t done so already check out the official results thread to drop some shout outs, show some love, and check out some pictures of the event.

Also, just in case you were curious, the intro shown before top 8 for Melty is also up on the performer’s YouTube account, check it out!

Keep the hype going throughout the rest of the year!