Tougeki 2010 MBAACC Results!

by Psylocke

Another great Tougeki has come and gone this weekend, and those of us not at the event who paid for the stream were able to watch part of it.  Unfortunately, Melty didn’t get any stream time at all before Top4 because of its tournament happening at the same time as BlazBlue and Tekken.  Congrats to GO1 and Ieda for taking it all.  Ieda, formerly known as Nakau, pulled off a great show and was able to show everyone that C-Kohaku is still scary.

1st – [せめてラスボスらしく] GO1(秋葉) いえだ(琥珀) GO1(Akiha), Ieda(Kohaku)
2nd – [がる信者] はと(赤主) レオ(ワルク) Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
4th – [井野氏に任せた!] 町田の猛犬(紅摩) 池袋の犯罪者(Vシオン) Kaimaato(Kouma), Inoshi(VSion)
4th – [テイルズオブパンツレスリング] たつや(シエル) エクス(ネロ) Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)

The bracket for the tournament can be viewed here

Final character count is:
7 Sion
6 Nero
5 Akiha
4 VAkiha, Aoko, Satsuki
3 Arc, Kohaku, Wara, Ries, Hisui
2 VSion, Shiki, Warc, Ciel, Mech, Len, Kouma
1 Nanaya, Miyako, WLen, Ryougi, Roa
0 Maids, SAkiha