Mizuumi: MBAA Full Moon Meter Management

by Arlieth Tralare

Bellreisa of Mizuumi.net (sister site) has written up an article detailing the aspects of managing your Magic Circuit meter in Full Moon mode. This is an advanced mechanics article, so if some of the jargon goes over your head, you should do some reading on Melty Bread’s System Mechanics forum.

So what exactly entails proper meter management?

In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to examine your character’s abilities in regards to meter usage. There are a number of factors you would look at to determine the importance of meter usage:

  • Moveset: A character’s moveset and their usage directly affects how you would manage your meter. Understanding the function of each move and when they are to be used is without a doubt the most important factor in proper management.
  • Combos: When your character does a combo on the opponent, the complexity of the combo factors directly in to your meter gain. Obviously, the more complex a combo is, the more moves are used, so the more meter you get. Characters with simpler combos, or limited situations in which they can actually do their complex combos, do not gain as much meter as those who have long, involved combos.
  • Blockstrings: This is tangentally related to combos for many of the same reasons. Longer blockstrings allow your character to gain meter faster, while characters with limited ability to attack a defending opponent will be forced to rely more upon a neutral game to charge meter or a zoning game to passively build meter.

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