MBAA live at NEC and Melty Breadcast 11

by Dipstick

There will also be no normal podcast this week, instead being replaced by another live show — this one being all the way live, as it will be recorded live at the Northeast Championships (which is December 4th and 5th). The podcast is scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday, December 4th after the end of the team tournament. Master Chibi and MakotoFox will still be hosting, but I (Dipstick) will be replacing Mizuki for this episode.

I am also streaming the team tournament, singles tournament and podcast on my UStream account, robo-moe live. As a note, part of the tournament may end up on Team Sp00ky’s stream but what parts (if at all) are to be determined. Sp00ky likes the game and it’s the second largest game at the Northeast Championships this year, but Super Street Fighter 4 is the biggest game (understatement) and the finals for both tournaments are going to be occurring at roughly the same time.