“Neco & Mech-Hisui” and “Kohaku & Mech-Hisui” unlockable in Current Code!

by Master Chibi

Rev up those FRIERS~

Forum citizen Erkz noticed the newest update to the topics section of  the official website for Melty Blood Actress Again : Current Code:

Hidden Character Unlock Command has been released!

If the following command is entered at the title screen, the hidden characters “Neco & Mech-Hisui” and “Kohaku & Mech-Hisui” will become available for play.

[Hidden Character Unlock Command]
At the title screen, enter AACC↓A↑B→C←DAACCE

So all of you out there with an official cabinet (Japan, *cough*Texas*cough) make sure to put this code in to get your Mecho-Neco and Koha-Mech armies going!

Edit: Here’s a video of ‘Meco’ them in action (thanks to pfhor) on NicoNico.