Final Round Midwest Qualifier I Results!

by Master Chibi

Results for Final Round’s Midwest Qualifier I are now available, and while the turn out for Melty was small, I can imagine that the hype and enjoyment were quite big.

1) Sam Mogaka “COOKIN MAMA / PBJ Mixxa”
2) Peter Pham “Patapete” – Wichita, KS
3) Thomas L “Blank Mauser”
4) Le Nguyen “Radian” – Overland Park, KS
5) John Bonfilio “AxioM” – Overland Park, KS
5) Dave Wrigley “MrMister” – Kansas City, KS
7) Kellen Wheaton “insertTag” – Columbia, MO
7) Deron Byers “prod1gy” – Kansas City, MO
9) Johnathan Spottswood “jspot” – Kansas City, MO
9) Austin Yates “Omicron Austin” – Columbia, MO

Characters played will be updated as the information comes up, otherwise hit up for results for the other games held, along with media to follow in the days to come!