Shiki vs Shiki

by Psylocke

It’s been awhile since the last MBAA character showcase.. anyway, CC is out, which means that the two original console characters Seifuku Akiha and Ryougi are now playable in arcades. The characters featured in this post are Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi, being played in a 3on3 same character tournament at the big a-cho Melty event that they hold near the beginning of every year.

Asuta, Backward, Shikki(Shiki Tohno) vs T.N, Misora, Leo(Shiki Ryougi)

The players on the Tohno team play C and F. C Shiki is primarily known for being a very straightforward character, with good pokes, average damage, and a good uppercut. F Shiki was a character that was extremely rare to see in AA, but is now seeing much more use in CC due to some improvements and H moon getting toned down a bit. F has amazing damage from almost every situation and a lot of antiairs but doesn’t have the same poking strength that C and H do. The players on the Ryougi team exclusively play F. F Ryougi is generally very straightforward as well, known for having some of the most ridiculous normals in the game and several unblockables.

As for the players, Shikki, also known as Mongol, is easily the best Japanese Shiki Tohno player. He can actually play every moon style, and was primarily H in AA, but seems to be playing both C and F evenly in CC. T.N is a Kansai player who originally played Kohaku in AA and made the switch in this version. Misora was originally a Shiki Tohno player from Gamesky Arcade and is a (somewhat) famous Melty match commentator. Leo was featured in an earlier post, and is primarily known for playing Warc but his Ryougi is also quite strong.