Melty Blood HD? Under Night In-Birth?

by Master Chibi

Thanks to a quick translation from Ehrkz on the forum, we’ve got some information on the new game coming from Ecole, and even some news regarding this ‘old’ game of ours as well!

New IP: Under Night In-Birth. [… what? Also, ‘In-Birth’ is pronounced ‘inverse’ apparently.]

Also, “the official site should be up today, and they’re currently uploading the promo movie, please be patient”.


According to this twitter account, it seems that Melty’s getting a version up as well? Both sites should be up soon.

Full scan of the first image. Second image that reveals the game’s website;, which is currently unavailable.

EDIT 3:  Slowpoke
From a report on the event here.
– 4 button control scheme.
– 4 characters revealed so far – Hyde, Linne, Waldstein and Carmine.
– Development started about a year ago, and the game is currently at 30~40% completion.
– Expected release at the end of the year.
– An exhibition is planned for the Amusement Maker Show in September.
– 1280×720 HD resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio.

About the next Melty Blood
– Additional Characters.
– 2 screenshots were shown.
– Powerd Ciel added to the game.  [D:]
– Scheduled for Spring.
– Arcades currently running Current Code will get upgraded free of charge.
– Another character will be revealed around Summer, they can’t say who it is just yet, but they can give a hint.
– Afterwards, they’ll consider Melty Blood HD, but Type-Moon’s side thinks it’s too soon? [Not sure about this one.]

And lastly there’ll be a full report in Arcadia.

Hooray for Melty Blood still kicking it, thumbs down for Powered Ciel!

EDIT: A bit more…  These announcements were made at the final HydraGP tournament in Club Sega Akihabara this weekend, a series which has been going on for awhile.  The winner of the MBAACC tournament was top Satsuki player Hare, with Miyako player Abuto taking 2nd place.

Higher quality screenshots of Under Night and the two screenshots featuring Powerd Ciel from the CC update are available at