More Melty / Under Night news!

by Master Chibi

Forum user Erkz has supplied us with more info regarding the new update for Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code and Under Night: In-Birth! The information is available below, but it was originally sourced from French Bread’s blog and translated notes are below.

UNIB development is going favorably. They’ve surpassed the most difficult parts, so the rest is apparently a downhill slope. (Though after recruiting dotters [pixel artists, I am assuming] from the beginning, such is to be expected.)

Apart from Powered Ciel, they announced another character at HydraGP, which they feel that they’ll be able to reveal soon. Kansai Melty players should look forward to it.

Regarding Comiket, French Bread doesn’t plan on participating from now on. Please look forward to the Circle Melon Bread around next year. (Not that we checked, but Melon Bread probably exists already, so that’s no good, is it? lol)

French Bread is now taking questions, comments and offering life-counseling (lol) at the following e-mail address: [Was that seriously an OreImo joke?]

They should be able to hold their second live stream sometime next week.