More for the French Bread Factory!

by Master Chibi

Once again Erkz comes through with some information on the happenings of French Bread (courtesy of their blog):

– We said we’d try to have the game in operation by the end of the year, but it’s been delayed to Spring next year. I’m sorry, everyone! It’d be nice if we finished before Spring though.

– Koihime AC is seriously coming out!

– About the AM Show Exhibit… Doushio~? There’s been some trouble regarding the voice actor contracts, and while the game’s pretty good without voice acting… I don’t want to admit defeat, orz. Oh well, we’ll think of something.

– About the 2nd UST that was announced a month ago. It was announced too early. I believe various things must be prepared and must also be implemented on this end. I want to do follow-up reports on Melty Blood and UNI, please enjoy it.

– Sorry for the hold up. The next stream’s broadcasting date has been decided. It will be held on the 19th at 23:00.

– Stream Channel can be found here.

– We’ll also be reading the e-mails you sent!

Thanks again Erkz!