More from the Bread Factory!

by Master Chibi

Piping hot, fresh from the Bread Factory is another blog post for everybody. Thanks to Erkz for the impromptu translation and Caiooa for the tip!

You can view the actual blog post here.

– Thanks again for watching the stream.

– With regards to Melty; from the brief look in the video, the new character is oriented towards advanced-level players, a specially planned out kind of character that plays a little different from all the characters so far. Look forward to it.

– With regards to UNIB; you’ll have to wait a little bit for proper character introductions. I didn’t think it’d become the first bit of news in 4 months without anything else. Until then, I guess everyone will have to call them the “Mystery Character.” orz I haven’t thought about the official site’s design yet, though. orz

– The illustration, done by the artist Yoshihara*, is of the Stand-User from an earlier glimpse… Harada-san [Tentative]. Next up, we’ll introduce this person… or so I thought. orz Anyway, we’ll keep doing our best.
[* = Not sure. Kanji is 吉原.]

– The phone thing during the live broadcast. I lost it when I saw “Tsukihime Renewal development has finally started” but then “Gotcha, idiot” and I let a little tsukkomi slip into the live broadcast… and that’s that. Speaking of which, with regards to MBHD, until Tsukihime Renewal’s release date is announced, our goal is perfecting UNIB. If, at that time, we get an OK from TYPE-MOON, look forward to it eventually.