C Seifuku Akiha

by Psylocke

I’m sure everyone has seen the videos of Powerd Ciel in MBAACC Ver 1.05 by now, so here’s some footage of a character originally introduced in the PS2 version of MBAA.  Seifuku Akiha, specifically the Crescent moon version of her, was a very rare character to see as she was pretty terrible in the PS2 version and also considered bottom tier in the first version of CC.  The new system changes in CC 1.05 benefit her greatly, as they give her new combo options and allow her to take the opponent to the corner from anywhere.

This set is T.I H-Shiki vs Bobu C-Seifuku. T.I is a top Shiki Tohno player from the Kanto region and can play all the moons, but he generally sticks with H and C. Bobu was known as a top White Len player in MBAA, and here he is giving C Seifuku a shot.