2011 Hydra GP Melty Blood Championship Title

by Master Chibi

Komidol brings us some hype news from Japan!

Hydra GP Is having an open exhibition on September 24th, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan at 10:00AM~7:00PM in the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Trade Center (address details below).  This will be the first event with free play for v1.07 of MBAACC available.  

Ecole CEO and Arcadia Editor in Chief will be in attendance.  

The CEO of Ecole will be announcing the complete financial report for Melty Blood, and giving a status report on Under Night In-Birth.  The Arcadia Editor in Chief will give an interview and talk with the tournament winner and a discussion about the event. 
You can register at the door, but the tournament limit is 64 people.  It costs 500 Yen ($6.00 US) to register. 

There’s much more information available in Komidol’s thread, where he’s translated the rest.