C Roa

by Psylocke

1.05 has been out for a few months now, and it has proven to be a very different game than vanilla CC and AA.  I think the general theme of the game is taking characters who were once terrible and turning them into beasts.  Just like C Seifuku in the previous highlight, C Roa is a character that was considered to be bottom of the barrel in all previous versions of MBAA.  He has gotten much stronger in 1.05, with his upgraded EX lightning, faster recovery on many specials, and the OTG relaunches giving him more things to work with.

This is a compilation of the highlight matches in a gachi game(11 matches) set between Takashi and Kasetsu. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned Takashi before in an earlier character highlight, but he is one of the new school Waras who started in AA. He is now one of the top Kanto Wara players. Kasetsu is kind of an unknown player, but he has good execution and is able to show off a lot of new Roa tech in these videos.