Day 1 MBAACC Ver 1.07 footage – featuring Archetype Earth!

by Psylocke

The new version 1.07 of Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code just came out on the 14th, so there have been a bunch of videos coming out on release day.  First off is a series of exhibition matches at Mikado showcasing the new character Archetype Earth.  She is being played in her Full moon style by top Warc player Leo and Ashe who you may remember as the dude playing Powerd Ciel in her exhibition vid back when 1.05 first dropped.  Archetype has some very elegant animations, and she is pretty unique in that she can fly(which uses meter).  She also can’t block when flying, but she can still shield so she’s not completely defenseless.

Full moon is also not the only style being represented, as Niiya and Supe get to demonstrate her Crescent and Half moon forms too.

More videos after the break!
Mikado also had a singles tourney which is a great watch.  Some notable things to look out for are Nanaya being able to jump cancel 214b, Len gaining a very different looking charged air B ice, and Hisui getting a bunch of cool stuff like poison EX bentos.

The last bit of footage is from Yokohama Freedom arcade, featuring top players Takashi(C-Wara), Fujinami(H and F VSion), and MaSa(C-Warc).  C-Warc looks pretty much the same, but Wara has a new wallslamming 5[c] to work with, and VSion gets a charged divekick which gets put to great use.  Also of note is Archetype’s beautiful multi-layered stage, shown in the very first video!