a-cho celebrates Melty’s 5th anniversary!

by Psylocke

It may be hard to imagine, but the Melty Blood series has been going on for almost 10 years now, getting its initial release as a doujin game during Winter Comiket of 2002 and its first arcade version getting its release in 2006. To celebrate 5 years of Melty Blood in arcades, everyone’s favorite Kansai arcade a-cho held an MBAACC Ver 1.07 singles and a 3on3 same character tourney on the day before Christmas Eve, and a normal 3on3 tournament on the day of Christmas Eve!

In a gracious move, a-cho has given us a very Melty Christmas present in releasing the videos for singles, a day after the tournament!  All of Top 32 is recorded, and I went ahead and added in the romanized player names and characters used in comments with Youtube timecodes.