Helping out the New Guy!

by Master Chibi

Bellreisa is back with another article on helping beginners getting into this crazy game of ours.

His newest piece goes into the theory of combos in Melty Blood, from the very start to the many different endings they can result in.

Here’s an excerpt:

“A major change in Melty Blood 1.07 is a large increase in counterhit stun time from previous versions of the game. Anyone who’s played Street Fighter Alpha 3 will be able to relate: now, almost every counterhit acts like a high counter that places the opponent in hitstun for at least half a second while freezing their trajectory. Airborne opponents will hang in the air briefly before falling, making it extremely easy to confirm a combo.”

You can find the article entitled ‘Melty Blood Combo Theory’ here.

Also don’t forget an older article detailing Full Moon Meter Usage as well!

Lastly, Bell has a thread on the forum compiling all the articles together while taking suggestions on what subject to tackle next, give him some feedback!