More videos from Melty’s 5th anniversary tournaments at a-cho!

by Psylocke

It’s a bit late, but a-cho has finally put up the rest of the videos from the Christmas event they held for Melty’s 5th anniversary in arcades!  This event attracted top players from all around Japan, so it’s a highly recommended watch if you’re at all interested in competitive Melty.  Top 4 of the 3on3 same character tourney and a ton of matches totaling up to 3 big videos from the 3on3 tourney were recorded, clocking in at almost 5 hours of footage!  Of special note is the 2nd video in the normal 3on3 tourney, which has America’s very own Komidol teaming up with Masao and Shachou(a name that may be familiar to Guilty Gear players) playing against a team of Kou, Kaimaato, and Yamakonbu.

Like before, I have added in player names and characters used in comments with Youtube timecodes, so I would recommend opening up the videos in Youtube.

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3on3 Same Character Tourney, Top 4

3on3 Tourney