The Concept of Over Commitment

by Master Chibi

It seems many of the new folk playing Current Code are having trouble adjusting to the game, so Bell’s taken the liberty to write an article to help them ease the process a little better.

Here’s an excerpt:

 A common mistake to new Melty players, particularly in Full Moon, is a lack of understanding in applying blockstrings. Too frequently, less experienced players go into what I call “canned blockstrings”: their pressure consists of a few normals, with perhaps a slight delay in between, and often ends with a 5A or 2A reverse beat in Crescent/Half Moon or a special attack in Full Moon. For the most part, these strings are safe on block and sometimes even whiff. However, as soon as these strings end, they find themselves at a loss as to what to do. With their pressure at an end, they are no longer able to attack safely and allow the opponent to return to neutral.

For the full scoop head to the article on Mizuumi.