Final Round XV Results!

by Master Chibi

Well I’m happy to eat my own words after this weekend as Melty had a fantastic showing at Final Round with a whopping 73 entrants! Outside of Evo 2010 that’s our biggest tournament to date! Plenty of upsets and crazy close calls, but it looks the top three belonged to a certain syringe toting maid. You can find the top 8 of singles below, along with top 3 of teams. Full results can checked at the Final Round XV website! Stream archives will be updated once available! Also let me know if you played other characters!


1. Tonberry (C-Maids)

2. Lord Knight (H-Kohaku)

3. Garu (H-Kohaku)

4. Ehrik (C-Wallachia)

5. Numakie (C-Hisui)

5. Rover Ruckus (C-Nanaya)

7. H-F Blade (C-Ciel)

7.  Rayza (H-Sion)


1. My Little Roku’s Option Select are Magic (Voomer / Pfhor / Leonard)

2. R.I.P. Jimmy’s Car (Rayza / Robert / Rei)

3. Roku the Gathering (Coren / Choco / Shinobi)