The Melty Dictionary!

by Master Chibi

Komidol has teamed up with Garu with to bring us an exhaustive list of terms often used in Japan!

You can see just see a small snippet below but for the full list hit up our forums!

英語 (例) = 漢字・(他の単語)・ひらがな・(カタカナ)・ローマ字
English (Example) = Kanji・(Another Definition)・Hiragana・(Katakana)・Romaji

(Hit) Confirm = (ヒット)確認・(ヒット)かくにん・(hitto) kakunin
(Wake-up) DP = 昇竜・しょうりゅう・shouryuu
Absorb/Drain = 吸収・きゅうしゅう・kyuushuu
Advantage/Plus Frames = 有利・ゆうり・yuuri