GODSGARDEN #6 voting halfway finished — and LordKnight leads!

by Dipstick

The fan vote for GODSGARDEN #6 is about halfway finished, and the running totals were announced on ClearLamps’ Nico Nico Douga stream earlier today. The winner of this poll will be guaranteed an entry into the main event at GODSGARDEN #6, to compete against Hare, Go1, Shikkii and four other players (to be determined by a qualifying tournament the day of the event). Lord Knight, who is one of America’s top players has already declared that he will be traveling to Japan to attend this event. He is part of the polling — and is currently leading! Vote up to five time a day, every day until the 24th of August and help get Lord Knight into the main event!

Full instructions on how to vote, and the full standings are below the fold.

The URL for the GODSGARDEN poll is http://godsgarden.jp/gg6.1/search.php. Next to each player’s name is to vote up (left button) and vote down (right button).  Simply click one in order to vote for that person.  You can vote up players five times and vote down a player everyday, so please support Lord Knight in order to send a reminder to the developers that we are still out here!  Every day you are given five votes to distribute amongst the contestants, which means everyday until August 24th 11:59PM JST you should vote for who you want to win five times!

Midway Vote Results (sourced from shoryuken.com and ClearLamp on Nico Live):

1. LordKnightBB
2. Lucky Star
3. CLmelty
4. AOI
5. “Yami wo Daku Izayoi” BAB
6. SAT
7. kuga
8. Norainu
9. Mirumiru Miky
10. Messhii
11. Garu
12. Jeffrey Manson @ Ero
13. Niiya
14. J Anson
15. Taa