Under Night In-Birth Patch Notes!

by Master Chibi

The patch for Under Night In-Birth is live in Japanese arcades. The official site has been updated with patch notes, but here’s some a quick translation (via the internet!):


- Over 6 GRD bar Chain Shift’s effects have been changed.
- Chain Shift’s move cancellation has been changed.
- You don’t get a “combo limiter” reset when you activate Chain Shift with less than 6 GRD bars.
- EXS gain when activating Chain Shift has increased.
- Automatic GRD gain amount has been changed.
- The amount of GRD used when using Assault has been increased.
- The opponent’s landing recovery will be longer if you Shield an aerial move.
- Veil Off’s has increased invulnerability.
- Aside from that, a few minor changes were done (they don’t tell you what it is).

We’ll keep you updated, along with videos featuring the patched version as soon as they’re available!