MaSa (C-Warc) Qualifies for M.B.S.E at Mikado!

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Not the actual logo

Everyone’s favorite Crescent Red Arcueid player has qualified for Melty Blood South East! In second place came the Half Moon Akiha Vermillion player Tsubasa (翼). MaSa had previously come in second at the  Tsudanuma qualifier, losing to Utamaru (CH-Ciel).

The current qualifiers for MBSE (6/16):

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)

The next qualifier will be on October 5th at Hachioji UFO, we look forward to seeing who qualifies next!

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.