MBAACC M.B.S.E – South Kanto MBAACC Tournament

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Not the actual tournament logo.

A new(ish) tournament has shown itself. The M.B.S.E or Melty Blood South East: a premiere tournament featuring the best 16 players in Southern Kanto. Players qualify in various arcade locations then meet up around December 14th 2013 at the Takadanobaba Mikado arcade to brawl in a double elimination format.

Thus far we’ve seen 5/16 players qualify and the current roster is:

Among those listed; Hare, Toriniku, and Garu are all seasoned veterans of Melty Blood tournaments. Most notably qualifying for Melty Night 2013 and, in the case of Garu, even attending Final Round in the U.S. A livestream seems possible for the event, however, it will most likely be broadcasted via Niconico.

Be sure to stay tuned to MeltyBread for more information on qualifiers, events, and videos for M.B.S.E.

For more information about dates, schedules, and results see: the MBSE site or MBSE Schedule and Results.