MeltyDB – Now with Live Statistics

by Pete

MeltyDB Logo

I’ve always felt sort of mixed speaking about the stuff I work on, especially on a site I don’t own. Then again, maybe it’s not so bad because the project is actually Melty Blood related. Maybe I take myself too seriously.

Yesterday I added live statistics to the site. The statistics are completely automated and update with every new added match. This is exciting for me because in the past any statistics I have done were done manually and took ages. So have a look at those if you’d like but please don’t draw any real conclusions from it all. This information is supposed to be more of a “oh neat” and less of a “well this is now fact” sort of ordeal. Still, I can’t stop you.

With this post, I’d also like to take a second to also talk about MeltyDB.

MeltyDB is a basic match video searching site for MBAACC 1.07 that enables you to find match videos for specific characters, players, and combinations of the two. The site was envisioned back in November of last year when I thought playing F-Kohaku was exciting and new and decided I wanted to find some higher level footage of her. I was so lost in it all, I had no idea where to look or search for such a thing. Videos weren’t tagged with character moon combinations outside of MeltyBread.

Thus, grungrah and I set out on a long journey that involved hundreds of hours of video watching and transcribing but the end result was great. Upon releasing it to the public, we were both surprised so many people liked it and found it to be of use. It felt really great to give something to a community and learn that they like it, and I continue to be surprised by how many people reach out to me and tell me they like the site and use it.

So, thank you Melty Blood community.

Neco Arc Left CG_4067

(I don’t play F-Kohaku anymore, it was a dark time, don’t judge me)