a-cho MBAACC Tournaments On Indefinite Hiatus

by Pete



August 29th marked the last known a-cho tournament as 33 participants gathered to battle one last time. It was a fierce fight that involved both a-cho and ATHENA Niponbashi regulars. In the end Kou (C-Seifuku) would prove to be  a worth opponent to luckystar (CF-Nero) but not strong enough to dethrone the a-cho champion. The CF-Nero player has won an astounding 30 of the MB a-cho tournaments, going back to late 2008.

Speculation among the Japanese community states that the reason a-cho MB tournaments have ended is due to the lack of play seen at the arcade outside of the tournament. Machines would sit idle for most of the days between the tournament, meaning that approximately once every two weeks they were being used. It is quite a shame.

It is unknown whether a-cho regulars will seek a new place to gather or if they will simply stop playing. Personally, a-cho tournaments have shown some of the most crisp and polished play in the MBAACC scene. Biweekly, I would wait for the new videos to see what kind of shenanigans that “shield fiend” luckystar would show, or whether the strong but unstable Mudaniku would finally find a way to break his 2nd/3rd place curse, or if Beta would finally kick his slump and show the world how scary his C-Kohaku can be. We can only hope that the folks at a-cho find some way to keep the games coming. If they can’t, then all we can say is it has been a great run and thank you for the good times.

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