Kouki (C-Arcueid) Qualifies for M.B.S.E!

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Not the actual logo

Today, Kouki qualified at the Hachioji UFO qualifier over Uru (CHF-Nanaya) for Melty Blood South East. This qualification strikes as a momentous occassion for all of the C-Arcueid players out there (all 1-3 of you), and reminds us that no matter how bleak things seem for your character, there is sometimes a way.

I’m writing nonsense, here’s the currently roster for M.B.S.E (7/16):

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)

The next qualifier will be on October 11th at Takadanobaba Mikado, given the way things are going maybe we’ll even see a H-Mech qualifying?

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.