M.B.S.E Updates – Amber (F-Nero), Takashi (C-Wara), and Waka (CF-Hisui) Qualify

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Hello! Sorry I’ve been a little busy with other things so I’ve missed posting about MBSE.

Anyways since the last post about Hirohiro qualifiying, there have been 3 more qualifiers. Here are the results:

  • Oct. 19th at GAME Fuji Ichikawa – 1st Amber (F-Nero)  / 2nd lou (H-Aoko) — VOD
  • Oct. 20th at Yokohama Freedom – 1st Takashi (C-Warachia) / 2nd Surume (F-Nanaya) — VOD Part One Part Two
  • Oct. 26th at Big One 2nd – 1st Waka (CF-Hisui) / 2nd Kame (C-Mech) — VOD (only semis and final)

We are seeing some real diversification among the people that are qualifying, it should make for an interesting tournament, here’s how we are standing now:

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)
  • Hirohiro (F-Aoko)
  • Amber (F-Nero)
  • Takashi (C-Wara)
  • Waka (CF-Hisui)

The next qualifier will be on November 2nd at Hachioji UFO.

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.