Mimige? aka Hirohiro (F-Aoko) Qualifies for M.B.S.E!

by Pete

Melty Blood South East

Confused? I was when I found out that the top player on the win ratings on MeltyDB was actually 3 different players:

  • The Mimige? F-Aoko in Mikado is Hirohiro
  • The Mimige? H-Kohamech in Mikado and/or Tsudanuma is Eu
  • The Mimige? F-Aoko in Tsudanuma is the real Mimige

All-in-all Hirohiro has managed to qualify himself for Melty Blood South East. In second came Amber, the consistent F-Nero player that always manages to make it into the top8/top4 of qualifiers but never qualifies. I hope he makes it in because everyone knows it’s not a real tournament without at least one Nero.

Here’s the current roster for M.B.S.E (8/16):

  • Hare (C-Satsuki)
  • Toriniku (C-Riesbyfe)
  • Garu (H-Kohaku)
  • Akaren (F-VAkiha)
  • Utamaru (CH-Ciel)
  • MaSa (C-Warc)
  • Kouki (C-Arc)
  • Hirohiro as Mimige? (F-Aoko)

The next qualifier will be on October 11th at GAME Fuji Ichikawa. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of the two other Mimiges qualify?

For more information about MBSE see their official site or this google document.