Transcendental Orchestra (TO) Happening May 5th @ Big One 2nd

by Pete

MBAACC TO banner

TO Over. You can check out the restream VODs over at

Starting Mon 2AM EST / Sun 11PM PST — Confirmed Nico Stream for TO Quals on Final Day:

Starting Mon 6AM EST / Mon 3AM PST — Confirmed Nico Stream for TO Finals:

The news of UNIEL’s release date is exciting no doubt but there’s also a 3 on 3 tournament going on in about a week’s time. The tournament has had a long qualifying phase stretching over multiple arcades including ATHENA Niponbashi, a-cho, Mikado, and of course Big One 2nd. The tournament is to be held on May 5th with prelims starting at 3PM JST (May 4th 2AM EST, 11PM PST) and the finals starting at 7:00PM JST (6AM EST, 3PM PST). The best part? It will all be streamed! Big One 2nd traditionally streams all of their arcade content and this event is no different. The event is confirmed to be streamed on Niconico, there will likely be a restream of the event for those who cannot watch the event. If anything changes this post will be updated accordingly.

Who has qualified for TO (15/16)?

  1. Shishido (Seifuku). Uru (Nanaya), Kame (Mech)
  2. Ino (Akiha), Chen (Aoko), Tsa (Satsuki)
  3. Kouki (Arc), Akaren (VAkiha), Hirohiro (WLen)
  4. R-Ly (Hisui), Meinia (Len), Motomachi (Mech)
  5. Seto (WLen), Ken (Ciel), DSK24 (Arc)
  6. Hare (Satsuki), Batsister (Akiha), Garu (Kohaku)
  7. Morinaagi (Aoko), Dorango (Wara), KKT (Akiha) — Possibly Dorasuke (Wara) and Kakate (Akiha)
  8. Akaboshi (Satsuki), Rakuchan (Len), Yuu (Sion)
  9. Saba (Ciel), Aware (Hisui), Ari (Kouma)
  10. Ragu (Wara), Yomi (Sion), Kou (Seifuku)
  11. Toriniku (Ries), Waka (Hisui), Masa (Warc)
  12. JAYYYYYYY ANSON (Roa), Namiyan (Ryougi), Tomo (Tohno)
  13. Hikonyan (Roa), Kuga (VAKiha), AOI (Hime)
  14. Domun (Ciel), Yoshino ´╝łKouma), Taa (Len)
  15. Utamaru (Ciel), Okuu (Arc), Kiriya (Sion)

Interestingly Yoshino and Kuga, two players the scene hasn’t seen in a while have popped up again to play in TO. Two more teams of 3 will qualify on the day of the tournament bringing the team list to 16. Once the last two teams have qualified the single elimination tournament will begin.

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Character breakdown of TO:

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