Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code now on Steam!

by Pete

We’ve wished and waited for this day to come and it finally has. MBAACC v1.07 is on Steam. Those 10 of us who wanted to own legitimate copies can finally do so.

XxTexasTimxX even graced us with a new CMV to mark the occasion, give it a watch!

Along with the release of MBAACC on Steam comes an update to netplay in the way of lobbies and a fully translated story mode. I would definitely recommend picking it up now with the 20% discount.
So with that out of the way I would like to introduce some of the newer faces (if there are any) to the various resources our community has put together as well as some existing communities that you can look into if you’d like.



    • MeltyDB (
    • A great resource to look up practical matchup videos and get a feel for how a character plays in situations