The Website

Melty Bread was started by Arlieth Tralare in February of 2007 as a central site to discuss all things to do with Melty Blood, an underappreciated fighting game series with pixels so sharp they could cut you. It is home to a community of fans who try to ignore the fact that their fighting game of choice has its origins from a hentai-game. Also, the name of the site, Melty Bread, is a play on words between Melty Blood and its development studio, French Bread.

The Game

Melty Blood is a 2-D fighting game featuring a cast of characters from the anime/manga/series Tsukihime (Lunar Princess). It centers around a supernaturally-gifted boy named Shiki Tohno, and the ridiculously overpowered vampiric princess that falls in love with him. The strategic depth of the game has developed and evolved despite itself, in no small part due to the devoted efforts of the Melty Blood community throughout the world.

The Admin

Arlieth Tralare is a veteran fighting game player, best known for his performances in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Officially retired from tournament play to concentrate more on work and life, he still plays occasionally, but would rather devote time instead setting up the infrastructure to support the community.

Arlieth can be contacted here: arlieth@meltybread.com