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Hellow!! How do you do? (こんにちは。はじめまして!)

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Hellow!! How do you do?
I live in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan.
Since my mam is calling me at the downstairs, today’s my message is all for today.
Up until now, do you have any questions? Then, let us meet tomorrow again.


Hello, I'm glad to meet you again. I live in Kumamoto city now.
By the way, the amalgamation with citeis, towns, and villagies in the surrounding in the Kumamoto city nowadays.
It is bacause it is possible to bacome a goverment-designated major city when its popuration reaches 700,000, though the popuration of Kumamoto city is 670,000 now.
All the people in Kumamoto are expecting our city for the amalgamation to go well, and to be achieved making to the government-designate major city.

    <murphy's law>
People who lives in a bottom government-designated major city is proud that it is called a government-designated major city.
People who lives in a top government-designated major city feels humiliated that it is called a government-designated major city.

Hello, I'm glad to meet you again. I live in Kumamoto city now.
By the way, A garbage box to desert babies was set up in Kumaoto last year.
This is set up in front of the Jikei Hospital, and parents who cannot rear children for several economical reasons come here for throwing away thier babies.
It was controversial of right or wrong of this garbage box on a nationwide scale on TV etc...but the director in this hospital decided the installation.
The deserted babies will be collected and entrusted to institutions.
About 20 babies have been deserted here untill now.
This garbage box is called "Stork's cradle". And it is only this one place now.

Arlieth Tralare:
Hey Kinta,

Unfortunately, this section isn't used very often. But if you'd like to start conversation, I'd suggest talking about Melty Blood. Social issues such as child-raising usually goes in the "Akiha's Tea Room" general discussion section. Thanks!


Hey, Arlieth. How do you do?
I have some the points that I don't understand about this message board.
To begin with, what is "melty"?
And, who is "Akiha"? Is Akihabara the name of a place in Tokyo?
Moreover, how can I display the picture (like a Manga) at the left of your comment?how can I get the picture like that?
I tryed to draw a picture  by myself and up-loaded it because I had not understood them at all. It was displayed not at leftside but at topside. Is it bad in this way?


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