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Donation Appreciation Thread

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Arlieth Tralare:
Hey, this thread is here to show my appreciation for anyone who's donated to the site to keep it up and running.

JO50 just gave me $2.00 today to help out. Thanks, man!

How do we donate? Paypal? If so, who do we send it to?

Arlieth Tralare:
There's a Donate section on the top-right of the front page.

Arlieth Tralare:
Hey, I received two other donations!

$5 from Bellreisa at the tournament, which was really cool of him. The cost of one entire pizza!  ;D

$10 from Light Nazgul, via Paypal! Thanks, man! This goes towards paying for articles (Hintalove and Magikarp) and hosting for sure!

Thanks so much, and hope everyone enjoys the new articles and videos!

Arlieth Tralare:
Oh yeah, you can send donations to arlieth@meltybread.com instead of going to that link on the front page as well. Hehe.


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