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Author Topic: Freelance amateur translation services now available! (Japanese <-> English)  (Read 1135 times)

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Hey everyone!

Most of you know me as a player already, and may have seen me interpreting and translating things for Japanese players Garu and Chelsea during FRXV! I'm now offering my services as a translator to anyone who wants them!  I don't claim to be a professional, but if you want a doujinshi, fighting game wiki page, character profile, short videos, or images translated, I'll take the job confidentially, regardless of the content! Because I am new to this, the price will be fairly low! Since every case is different, send me a PM and we can work things out. 

Preferred translation is Japanese -> English, but I can do English -> Japanese as well.  I don't mind working on hard copies of things, but a digital media form and PayPal payment is ideal to avoid shipping costs and transaction fees on both sides!

Because I am graduating soon and researching my senior paper, I would prefer shorter jobs to longer ones for the time being - making the aforementioned examples more ideal.  Right now I'm just looking for some side work to bat off some nasty interest charges :bricks: If you need a book, television show, content-sensitive article, or otherwise long or professional literature translated I'd refer you to Mr. Curbeh. 

If you just need an image or short descriptions translated, depending on the content the cost may run you even less than a dollar (which is cheap these days to foreign currencies)!  So if you need anything done, or even just have curiosity about what something in Japanese says, or how to say something in Japanese, send me a PM or post here!  If it counts for anything you'd really be helping me out, too. 

Here's some stuff I've done just for fun:

http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/611542/ahoge-animal_ears-barefoot-basketball_uniform-blus (Translation notes done by me.)
http://boonce.org/up/n1rkl.jpg (Of course I'd only write into my own doujinshi!  I can do simple edits into digital pages of manga and doujinshi if you want, though.) 
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