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Introductory Thread (Take off your shoes, please)

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Arlieth Tralare:
Hey everyone, this is the official introductory thread. Please tell us where you're from, who you use, and what your local scene's like!

Also: Please read the Melty Bread Rules before posting.

Hiya, I'm .. it doesn't matter really anyways .. I use Akiha, Aka Akiha, Nanaya, Tohno and Satsuki and I suck with all of them. I'm from Holliston MA, I don't know much about the MB scene in MA when I first started playing nobody even knew what MB was. 

I'm looking to play people and hopefully get better at the game, After i get my working situation and all that stuff settled i plan to travel to TGA when i have time but i wonder if the traveling is worth it sometimes because i don't think its a game many people even bother to try.

Anyways, Nice to meet you all and i hope ill actually learn something at this forum.

I'm from BC, Canada. The GVDR. Where you want to be unless you think that having your thumb up your ass, in the middle of nowhere is fun.

How's the scene? I don't really know, since I hardly go to the arcade where the game is at. From what I've seen, there's a few promising players that know what they're doing. Even though I haven't seen the so-called best, I seriously doubt they could match any formidable US opponent that has a lot of competition under their belt, since we didn't have a scene until we got the game. Even so with that I seriously doubt that any of these guys would travel to play against people since the majority of players are KOF fobs (not meant in a derogatory manner), who just like to play in the arcade and hang out with their friends.

Anyway, I use Miyako, and sometimes you'll see me post.

My name is IPwnWitTohno... and I'm an alcholic.

This IS the AA forums right?

i play aoko
my local scene is the coolest(so. cal)


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