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Author Topic: Kara no Kyoukai Blurays (also translated interview between Nasu, Maaya and Take)  (Read 9609 times)

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So, I bought the KnK blurays. Watched them, a bit sad at the Q-tec style vectoring upscale, but the backgrounds are fine and incredibly beautiful - it's just the character animation.

By the way, excuse the phone camera. My DSLR is broken.

High quality materials. A velvet-like booklet for both the BDs themselves -

And the artbook.

Some of the BDs.

A page from the artbook.

Wait a minute! What's this?

Posting now. Wait a few moments.

That's all for now, so yeah. There's more, but it's artists' comments on some of the art - this is what I really wanted to show you all.
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Re: Kara no Kyoukai Blurays
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Happy Birthday to the GROUND

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I read the whole thing, it took more than 20 minutes. I'm so impressed, since many feelings Nasu and Takeuchi wanted the KNK audience to feel I felt, too. It is damn interesting how some of the scenes or movies were developed and what Maaya Sakamoto thought about voicing Ryougi.

First of all, Dio. You cannot know how much I thank you now. My gratitude can't be shown through HEATs, but I want you to know that I really really thank you for sharing this interview with us.

And now I want this box, too.
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Wow, that was a really awesome read.  Thanks for taking the time to upload this for everyone.  Being able to get that moment into their thoughts and feelings through the project is really interesting, and I'm really glad that they would put something like that in the box set.  I always love being able to share in an admired professional's insights.

Thanks again for sharing with us Dio!
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Really nice read,and I like the fact they didnt just talk about the whole series in general but individually.+HEAT
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Love it.
Thanks for Sharing.
I'm so jealous that you the Blu-ray package.
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Oi, thanks.

Interesting stuff, and I appreciate the time you took to scan it.

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I came, I saw, I came, I +heated

amazing read
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I came, I saw, I came, I +heated

amazing read
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Awesome...Kinoko Nasu is my hero.

Thanx a bunch bro. My Heat is yours.
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So many emotional attachments tied to this series... Surprising really, but at the same time not.

Also I kinda felt bad for laughing at "Isn't it sad, Azaka?"

+Heat. Pretty neat.
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I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Damn, now I want to watch the whole thing again.

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Time for marathon.

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I read the whole thing, it took more than 20 minutes.

tl;dr, but the pictures were nice.  Thanks for uploading.

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Common Sense?! In My Touhous?! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!!

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Lucky  :'(
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Thanks for sharing. It was a good read.  ;D
Seems like there are loading problems with page 5, 9, & 10 of the interview though.
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