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Author Topic: 2012 Kanto and Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen  (Read 1606 times)

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2012 Kanto and Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen
« on: January 16, 2012, 03:16:56 PM »
It's that time of year again.  These are a series of 3on3 Melty tournaments that the Kanto and Kansai regions hold every year.  Pretty much all of the top players from the respective regions come out to these, and videos usually get recorded and/or streamed so it's a good display of the highest caliber of Melty gameplay.

Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP
Official announcement video by Gilette
1/14 Takadanobaba Mikado
1/15 Hachiouji UFO
1/21 Game Magna Max in Kawagoe
1/22 Freedom Yokohama
1/28 Game Fuji in Ichikawa
1/29 Game ACE
2/4 Hachiouji UFO
2/5 Game Oslo in Tachikawa
2/12 Amusement Ace in Tsudanuma
2/18 Club Sega Akihabara
2/25 Tokyo Leisureland in Akihabara
2/26 Ikebukuro GIGO
3/3 Game Garage in Oomiya
3/4 BIG1 Playspot
3/24 Final 3on3 at Takadanobaba Mikado

Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen 3
1/8 Takatsuki Leebros
1/15 Tennouji ACE
1/21 Neyagawa ABC
1/22 Technopolis
1/28 San no Miya Magical Alps
2/5 Nakamozu Hoshikari
2/11 Game Navel in Nishinomiya
2/12 Enjoy Paradise
2/19 a-cho in Kyoto
2/25 Gaolla in Shiga
2/26 Nihonbashi Athena
3/4 San no Miya COO
3/10 Nara CUE
3/11 Meidai Monte Carlo
3/18 Final 3on3 at a-cho Kyoto

Videos out so far
1/8 Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen 3 at Takatsuki Leebros
1st - Bonta(Akiha), Rakuchan(Len), Akaboshi(Satsuki)
2nd - Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), Luckystar(Nero), GO1(Akiha)

1/14 Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP at Mikado
1st - Kanna(Ries), Kaimaato(Kouma), Leo(Warc)
2nd - Watari(Aoko), Tetsu!(Arc), Hirohiro(WLen)
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